Why Psychotherapy?

There as many reason that people come to therapy as there are people.
Some of these reasons can be thought of in similar terms or categories, but the details are always particular and personal. 

Psychotherapy offers a safe and secure space in which the person is supported to speak about the issues they wish to bring. These may be, for example, issues around relationships, or problems with anxiety, depression or trauma. Or perhaps a desire to explore expectations or patterns of behaviour.

A psychoanalytic approach means a broader perspective is taken where the details of life experiences and childhood are discussed and thought about, without resorting to simple explanations or pathologies -  attempting to understand how the defining and structural aspects of our lives relate to each other, as well as how they exist within the wider social context.


The sessions are usually weekly and last for 50 minutes. They are weekly because of the requirement to maintain continuity and develop the process of the sessions. Anything less frequent makes it more difficult to maintain these securely. 

The duration of the course of the therapy can be discussed at the outset or decided further down the line. Depending on the nature of the issues brought some people require only a few sessions, while others prefer something much longer term.